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Winngie Exchange
How it works?

1-Post: post the currency and the amount you’d like to exchange
2-Match: find a match person nearby or within your assigned city and send a message
3-Exchange: negotiate with your match and meet at a safe, convenient location to perform the exchange

Transfer money abroad
In three easy steps

1-Post your transfer amount in USD
2-Select the assigned country and send a match request
3-Negotiate with your match, arrange a meeting with a friend or family member in the destination country, and then transfer the money

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Winngie is a social platform for travellers, foreign students, expats, business people, and anyone travelling internationally. We help you transfer and exchange money with real people fund by self. There are no hidden fees, no commissions, and no differences between the currency exchanges. We’re on a mission to move money fairly

Our FeaturesFeatures

We offer these features and many more;


Don’t worry about bank opening hours or rushing to meet a deadline. We help you find people nearby at any time of day to exchange money

Easy Match

No exchange office near you? No problem. Just open Winngie and you can exchange currency or transfer money easily in a safe, secure location

Equal value

Winngie protects you from hidden fees, exorbitant rates, and unnecessary service charges. We help you negotiate a fair price between two different currencies. Get the real value


Choose whom you trust in distance and in depth. Search “near me” or send the request to other peers with checking the reviews. We verify every Winngie member using phone numbers

A new way to exchange and transfer money. Find out more about how Winngie works now

Login and StartEasy 3 Steps

Exchange Currency -&- Transfer Money

Post for Exchange

Choose a currency to exchange and post your exchange amount


Find a suitable person near you or your assigned city using the results on the map

Perform Exchange

Message and negotiate with your match. Meet at a secure, convenient location. Enjoy exchanging money socially

Post for Transfer

Post the amount of money you’d like to transfer abroad in USD


Select a country and send a money transfer request to your match

Perform transfer

Once you’ve negotiated, send your money to a friend or family member in your destination country and they can meet your match and swap the money

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Winngie CodeKEY STEPS

When using the Winngie mobile app to exchange currency or transfer money abroad, remember to follow these key steps to make sure you have a safe and easy experience.

Added Trust

When viewing the map, you’ll see green bubbles near you. We use these to highlight Winngie partnerships, which could be gift shops, supermarkets, gold stores, an Airbnb check-in, or even a student. We’ve checked and verified these accounts using phone numbers and passports to deliver a secure, trustworthy experience. Users can check their Winngie reviews, Facebook pages, and even Instagram to make sure they’re happy with a match.

Meet in Public

If you want to remain safe and enjoy your trip abroad, we advise users to meet their matches in public when performing a currency exchange. This could be in a coffee shop or even in front of a bank. It’s also advisable to arrive with company. Check their reviews first. Also to improve everyone’s safety, we recommend leaving a review for your match following a performed exchange. These reviews provide a great reference for future users.

Winngie ScreenshotsScreenshots

How to use Winngie to Exchange and Transfer money with ease

Account TypesChoose

You can use Winngie as a personal account without any charge. With Partnership account you can start earning money from exchanging and transferring money. Or the Business account provides you safe and fast commercial money transfers.




Frequently Asked QuestionsF A Q

Learn more about Winngie concept. A new way of Exchanging Foreign Currency and Transferring Money Abroad. See advantages and be aware of how peer to peer social platforms changes the way of life.
WHAT'S Winngie?

Instead of international money transfer and currency exchange companies commonly using, Winngie takes a unique approach towards abroad money transfer and currency exchange with a simple mobile application. Part of the “sharing economy,” Winngie offers you someone’s currency as a media to exchange, instead of an exchange office or transfer via bank. On Winngie, you can find people to exchange currency on your backpacking trip through Europe, or you can find someone to transfer your school fee during your internship in Los Angeles. Also, if you want to exchange leftover currency in your own home from your last trip of Thailand, you can exchange through Winngie and save money by exchanging without giving any commission.

What are the account types?

While signing up to Winngie, you can choose 3 types of account depending on your needs.
• Personal Account
• Partnership Account
• Business Account
See more details in FAQ page.

How can I create an account ?

• Its Free!
• Personal account: Verify by email/sms message
• Business account: Verify by email/sms message, submit the company document under 200KB, wait for 48 hours to approve.
• Partnership account: Verify by email/sms message, submit the passport/ID under 200KB, wait for 48 hours to approve.

Can I use Winngie anywhere around the world?

You can use Winngie wherever you have internet connection, we have service in Nepalese town Rowa to Japanese metropole Tokyo, New York to Juba, Dakar to Montevideo. Any place in the world, we have service and partners expanding day by day.

Where can I find your apps?

Winngie Exchange and Money Transfer Application is available on Google Play and Apple Store. See download link below in the page.
Visit link for Winngie Android App on Google Play:

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Winngie Concept

Winngie is a social application. It offers you find people to exchange money around you, instead of an exchange office or transfer via bank. With Winngie, you find a person in your area. Whether you need to exchange money while backpacking around Europe or transfer a school fee in Los Angeles, or if you would like to exchange the last of your holiday money before travelling home, Winngie can help you exchange money without paying any commission.


We are the world’s leading international to local service provider, offering transparency, simple and effective interfaces, the lowest prices, and the latest technology.
Winngie is a social platform for travelers, foreign students, expats, business people, and anyone travelling internationally. We help you transfer money abroad and exchange local money with real people. There are no hidden fees, no commissions, and no differences between the currency exchanges.
You decide the exchange rate and you find a solution that suits your needs.
We connect people with currency needs and help foster a mutually beneficial exchange. By cutting out the middle man, Winngie can help you drastically reduce the amount you pay while exchanging currencies. Say goodbye to your bank!
Thanks to Winngie, you can fully maximise the value of every currency exchange and every money transfer. We work with all currencies – including crypto-currencies – providing a new way to send money abroad. By taking a complex process and making it simple and effective, we help millions of people every day. Whether it’s helping children go to school, helping family members receive medical treatment, or just helping people pay their bills, we believe in helping our customers’ hard work go further.
That’s why Winngie is different: we’re on a mission to make fintech fair.
Exchange and transfer, anytime, anywhere. Day or night, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Become a Winngie Partnership

When you become a Winngie partner, you will appear on the map, be visible to everyone, and it’s easy to exchange money. Participate, get involved, attract more people, and increase your opportunities.
A Winngie partnership can be one person, a money exchange agency, a gift shop, an Uber driver, or an Airbnb landlord. As a Winngie partner, you earn money by forming a consensus with other Winngie users!

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