Marginalizing on Margins

by Winngie

23 August 2019



The trend in the travel industry is changing drastically lately, and the business has been in a direction that all transaction and services is decided before heading to destination. Many travelers are not anymore using travel agents or any other brick and mortar institution as their previous generation who used to use for travelling.

Lately, most of bookings and land arrangement are handled via online. Many people book their flight ticket via online and then book their hotel as a combination with their flight. For their travel information and entertainment tickets, it is very common to get through online sites as well. It was the latest trend in the market. Many people used to follow this path.

However, it is also changing in a different way. Travelers lately have been starting using online C2C platforms for their schedules. Airbnb is a platform that the travelers book their accommodation. Uber is a platform for travel-lovers to arrange their transportation. Winngie is a platform for tourists to exchange their currency.

The trend on C2C has been developing so fast in last years. Airbnb was basically paid option of couchsurfing, which has been a phenomenon in all over the world. It makes accommodation like at home, you can rent an apartment and stay there as your own. It gives a flexibility that you can live as a local, cooking and partying. You can have your own free space and adjust yourself true local environment. Basically, Airbnb changed the perspective of accommodation for many travelers all around the world, and now it is getting a norm for accommodation as well as many options as in hotels as have.

Uber is a revolutionary taxi that you can be a taxi driver as a local and as a traveler you can get so quick and safe way to hop on. Uber changed all transportation industry especially in city centers. Not anymore need to wait for a taxi and try discussing or settling with your destination. It is already handled by Uber itself. It is an amazing application that you can find your driver and take you all around without paying high commission or service charge as you are a foreigner and being waited pay more than local. Uber solves it very smartly.

Winngie, this is an amazing platform. It was a niche for many. It gives you an easy way to get your money exchanged without paying ridiculous commission. It has its own matching programmer which works so smartly, it gives you all details around you and you still have best capability to get a rate that works on you. It is so trustable and you feel as it is secured by Winngie. The platform has been very well received in all around the world, you would be able to exchange Uruguay peso in Uganda. This is something in mind opening and revolutionary in all. Not only it is for travelers, but also it seems getting so popular in business environment that many users are utilizing the platform as a best way to avoid from high commission and service charge implemented by exchange offices and banks. Their customer service is helpful, as mainly same as Uber and Airbnb. You will feel safe working with their service, and quality has been assured by all platform.

Different than brick and mortar business, online business gave us a capability that we can find the better solution, on the other hand C2C already goes further level, and lets us marginalize our demand. Airbnb offers a great chance that you can live as local with a budget-worthy price, Uber gives speed and safety feeling, and Winngie gives a quick and smooth transaction capability all over the world. You are no more stressful with using your credit card and losing great deal of money through commission or bank charge. Winngie saves your money, gives you flexible exchange way, and you still feel safe and relax without running somewhere to exchange several currencies and losing on exchange rate.

Market and business are changing; it is not as stable as before. People have more power and see their way as they would like to minimize their cost of service. Direct transaction on a sustainable platform is the way that they feel comfortable.


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