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Winngie FAQ

Learn more about Winngie concept. A new way of Exchanging Foreign Currency and Transferring Money Abroad. See advantages and be aware of how peer to peer social platforms changes the way of life. Instead of international money transfer and currency exchange companies commonly using, Winngie takes a unique approach towards abroad money transfer and currency exchange with a simple mobile application. See below topics to understand concept and details.

Winngie - At a Glance

What is Winngie?

Winngie is a social platform for travelers, foreign students, expats, business people, and anyone travelling internationally. We help you transfer money abroad and exchange local money with real people. There are no hidden fees, no commissions, and no differences between the currency exchanges.
You decide the exchange rate and you find a solution that suits your needs.
We connect people with currency needs and help foster a mutually beneficial exchange. By cutting out the middle man, Winngie can help you drastically reduce the amount you pay while exchanging currencies. With Winngie Exchange and Transfer Money Mobile Application you can match with real people and perform your currency exchange or money transfer easily. For more details please check our explanatory videos and presentations. Simply download the mobile application to your phone and start saving money.

How can I create an account?

• Its Free!
After downloading the mobile application to your phone simply click on ``signup`` and follow the steps
• Personal account: Verify by email/sms message
• Business account: Verify by email/sms message, submit the company document under 200KB, wait for 48 hours to approve.
• Partnership account: Verify by email/sms message, submit the passport/ID under 200KB, wait for 48 hours to approve.

Do you have an Android and IOS app?

For Now we only have Android Mobile Application. Simply visit Google Play for Android devices to find us. Type ``Winngie`` or ``Winngie Exchange and Send Money`` search and download. Or visit the link for Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.winngie.win


You can use Winngie wherever you have internet connection, we have service in Nepalese town Rowa to Japanese metropol Tokyo, New York to Juba, Dakar to Montevideo. Any place in the world, we have service and partners expanding day by day. Once you match with other people you can start exchanging local currency or sending money abroad.

Using - Winngie Mobile App

How to Exchange Local Currency with Winngie?

After signing up and approving your account login to Winngie. On the Main page you can the icon ``Exchange Money``. Click on it and fill the spaces. Choose the currency that you wan to sell from the list. Enter the amount. Choose the currency you want to buy. Search and see people around you on the map. Choose anyone on the map send message contact and meet for exchange.

What exchange rate do I get?

If not the best, you’ll receive one of the best exchange rates that you can find on the market. Our peer-to-peer mechanism helps us run at a very low cost. This means we don’t have to charge clients the buy-sell spread, which is what other exchange platforms typically do to make money. We offer fair mid-market exchange rate as reference to both sides of a match.

How to send money abroad with Winngie?

After signing up and approving your account login to Winngie. On the Main page you can the icon ``Transfer Money``. Click on it and choose you wan to receive or send money to or from another country. Then enter the amount you want to send. Choose the country you want to send and choose currency. Press for ``Match me``. On the opening list you will see your matches who wants to send or receive money in cross countries. Choose anyone from the list, send message and deal for transfer.

Where can I find my exchange or transfer history?

On the main menu at the left side of the screen you can find your all created exchange and transfer request. If you have created a wrong request or you have accomplished your transfer or exchange you may delete your requests from the history.

How to edit my profile info?

At the bottom menu of the mobile application you can see your profile information and you can revise your profile photo, email address, country or city information. After you have revised your info you need to save your settings.

Account types and pricing - Winngie App

What are the different account types on Winngie?

At Winngie there are 3 types of accounts. You may decide your own and signup to Winngie. If you are individual like exchange student, traveler, expat i.e. you can use Winngie as a Personal account without any charge. With Partnership account you can start earning money from exchanging currencies and helping people to transfer money abroad. Or the Business account provides you safe and fast commercial money transfers.

Is Winngie Free?

Yes. Absolutely. Winngie Exchange and Transfer Money Mobile Application is totally free. You can download and install it from App stores and start saving money. Inside application there are some subscription options for unlimited exchange or transfer transaction. If you will need you may subscribe and enjoy using Winngie unlimited.

How is the pricing for subscriptions to perform unlimited transactions?

You may check the detailed pricing table for unlimited features of Winngie with different subscription types.
Exchange near me Winngie Plus
Winngie Gold
First five Weekly Monthly Yearly
C2C Free 4.99 USD 19.99 USD N/A
C2partnership Free Free
partnership N/A N/A 19.99 USD 19.99 USD *10

Transfer to other country Winngie Plus Winngie Gold
First five Monthly Yearly
C2C Free 19.99USD N/A
B2B Free 19.99 USD 19.99 USD*10
C2partnership, B2partnership 1.99 USD every time if different person N/A N/A N/A
partnership N/A N/A 19.99 USD 19.99 USD *10

How does Winngie make money?

We do not, and will never make money by selling your personal information. When you raise a request on Winngie, you will not be charged for any transaction from our side, for extra services, we will be offering membership options. This is the fee charged by Winngie for providing the match service. No other commission and no exchange rate spread is charged. You pay what you see. You choose how much you want. Thats how ``Peer to Peer`` systems works. We just help everyone to involve into system.

Trust and Privacy - Winngie App

How trusty and private is Winngie?

We’ve checked and verified all user accounts using phone numbers and passports to deliver a secure, trustworthy experience. Users can check others users Winngie reviews, Facebook pages, and even Instagram to make sure they’re happy with a match. Because we value your privacy, all of your personal information is encrypted and securely saved with us. We will NEVER sell, loan or rent your personal data to marketers or other third parties. All user data are encrypted with 128bit SSL signed certificate. Also to improve everyone’s safety, we recommend leaving a review for your match following a performed exchange. These reviews provide a great reference for future users.

Do I have to pass passport verification before using business/partnership Winngie?

Yes. It is to make sure that all users on Winngie database are transacting with someone legitimate. This is for other customers.

Does my match know my ID information?

No. Your ID information is only used to verify your identity. You match will not know it. The only information passed on to your match is the e-wallet like encrypted information you enter to receive the fund. Unless a complaint received to our side by any user all user ID information are keep secret.

Partnership Account - Winngie Exchange and Transfer Money

What’s Winngie Partnership?

Winngie Partnership is an account type for users who wants to make money or attract more customers to their shop. Just like Exchange offices or Banks Winngie Partnerships are always open for exchanging local currency or transferring ney to abroad. Our goal is to involve every individual user to the system so that travelers, students, expats, foreign employees will stop suffering from unfair exchange rates of the system. Also Winngie provides this with a unlimited time and day even at weekends or evening.
When you become a Winngie partner, you will appear on the map, be visible to everyone, and it’s easy to exchange money. Participate, get involved, attract more people, and increase your opportunities.
A Winngie partnership can be one person, a money exchange agency, a gift shop, an Uber driver, or an Airbnb landlord. As a Winngie partner, you earn money by forming a consensus with other Winngie users!

How can I be the Winngie partnership?

After downloading Winngie Mobile App when signing up choose the ``Partnership account`` as a account type and follow the steps. Verify by sms message, submit the passport/ID under 10MB, wait for 48 hours to approve. Thats it.